Horse Boarding Information for Ravensway Stables in Cypress


Primarily for residents of Ravensway, the Stables at its discretion may allow non-residents to board.  All boarders are required to care for their own horses, participate in periodic work days and everyday routine chores and maintenance.

​All incoming boarders must adhere to the following before bringing their horse onto the property:

  • Submit copy of current negative Coggins test
  • Submit copy of current shot records.  Must include VEWT, Flu/Rhino, Strangles, West Nile, Rabies
  • Provide worming schedule
  • Male horses must be gelded - No stallions

Once approved and your horse has arrived, it will be required to be stalled for a 48 hour observation period.  After this time, your horse may begin a normal routine.

 Contact us  for more information.